The Foundation AGRION was established in December 2014 by the Piedmont Region and Piedmont Unioncamere – the founding members – with the goal to promote and perform research, innovation and technological development of agriculture in Piedmont. The main mission of the Foundation is to carry on applied research activities, integrate knowledge and synergies at regional, national and international level and create a network of relationships which favor the flowing of innovation from research centers to the territory. The Foundation AGRION is involved in research and development activities in the fruit and vegetable sector in Piedmont. It carries out applied research mainly in collaboration with Italian scientific institutions and it is involved in research projects at both national and international level. The results of its research are transferred to the farmers directly as well as through technical support of the regional structures. The Foundation has a consolidated experience in the development of new varieties improved for sensorial and nutritional qualities, tolerance to plant diseases, adaptability to the environment. Furthermore, it is involved in the innovation of cultivation techniques and marketing of agricultural products. In Viroplant AGRION will collaborate in the monitoring and sampling of pathogens in the field and will have in charge the organization of divulgative events during and at the end of the project.



Cristiano Carli


Graziano Vittone

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