The French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) is the leading European agricultural research institute and one of the foremost research institutes in the world for agriculture, food and the environment. Researchers involved in VIROPLANT belongs to the INRA division “Plant Health and Environment” (SPE). They have a long-standing experience in entomopathogenic viruses and crop protection putting a particular emphasis on exploring virus-based solutions for sustainable agriculture. They have been collaborating with crop science specialists, including academics, industries and farmers in the South of France that will facilitate the setting up of sampling and assays in the frame of the VIROPLANT Project.



Mylène Ogliastro

Guillaume Cambray INRA

Guillaume Cambray

Anne-Sophie Gosselin-Grenet-INRA

Anne Sophie Gosselin Grenet

Marie Frayssinet INRA

Marie Frayssinet

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