The University of Valencia stands out as one of the main public research organisations in Spain, with more than three thousand researchers integrated in 86 departments, 19 institutes and other research units. The main objectives of the Biotechnological Pest Control group (CBP) (www.cbp.com.es ) are the developing new biopesticides based on entomopathogenic bacteria and viruses as well as investigating the molecular mechanisms underpinning the interaction of pests with their pathogens and the evolution of resistance to pesticide. Researchers from CBP group will mainly contribute to the WP4 of the VIROPLANT project. Direct and indirect effects of covert infections with Iflaviruses in the insect’s fitness will be evaluated and the overall impact of inoculative field applications of these viruses (alone or in combination with other biological control agents) on the target pest will be assessed.




Salvador Herrero


María Martínez-Solis

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