VIROPLANT Consortium was assembled following four main requirements: i) the scientific excellence in each of the many specific subjects of the proposal, ii) the specific capacity to successfully pursue the general and specific objectives of the SFS-17 call, iii) the multidisciplinary approach necessary to carry out the basic and applied research required in the project, iv) the multi-actors approach that is required in this specific calls. When possible, gender balance among the leading positions for each partner was also taken in consideration. VIROPLANT Consortium has all the expertise to pursue the general and specific objectives described in the call and in VIROPLANT respectively. Basic and applied research, are both well represented. VIROPLANT includes 17 partners in the Consortium; 11 are research organization (RO), 4 are SME, 1 is a farmers’ Union, and 1 is a non-profit foundation for the support in agricultural research (network of technical support in Piedmont region).

ViroPlant Academic Partners


ViroPlant Industrial Partners

ViroPlant Stakeholders

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